Legacy of Purity, Trust & Vision.

An international symbol of excellence in the world of precious metals, Rafmoh is located in the heart of the bustling financial hub of the United Arab Emirates, Dubai. In 2010, it was established with a vision of providing unparalleled services to the bullion industry. Since its inception, Rafmoh has gained a reputation for integrity, expertise, and innovation. Rafmoh Bullion has developed a new way to enhance customer shopping experiences for both domestic and international buyers in response to overwhelming customer interest. With a focus on the timeless charm of precious metals, particularly gold, Rafmoh Bullion is proud to be the first in the city to offer an exclusive bullion trading showroom redefining how people engage with these valuable metals. Rafmoh Bullion's retail showroom serves as a haven for both seasoned investors, resellers, jewellery manufacturers and individuals to precious metal trading.

Our extensive range of products are sourced from LBMA, DGD accredited and other reputed refineries and renowned mints across the globe. Our knowledgeable and professional staff are dedicated in providing personalized guidance, ensuring that each client's investment choices align with their investment goals.

Glittering experience.
Rafmoh Bullion remains deeply rooted in UAE's rich cultural and economic heritage despite its global outlook. A visit to the Rafmoh Bullion showroom is an experience that goes beyond the ordinary. The sleek and opulent interior is carefully curated to create an environment that reflects the intrinsic value of the gold and silver on display. The display counters gleam with an array of exquisite bulion pieces, each representing a unique opportunity for investment and prosperity. And the boutique showroom is the first and largest exclusive bullion store of its kind in the Dubai's most iconic Gold Souk.

Core principal of innovation.
In orderto provide real-time market insights, Rafmoh Bullion uses advanced analytics and digital platforms. Rafmoh's commitmentto innovation enhances transparency as well as positions it as a trailblazer in the rapidly evolving bullion trading landscape. We are committed to enforce full compliance due diligence framework adopted with all applicable laws and regulations regarding responsible sourcing of precious metals and good delivery rules.

Rafmoh's position as an international bullion wholesaler allows it to offer best range of internationally and locally accredited gold and silver bullions at the very best prices available in the region. Rafmoh Bulion offers a wide range of world's finest gold products ranging from 1 Gramto 1 Kilo Gram from leading brands like VALCAMBI, PAMP ETIHAD AND SAM.

Transparency woven into trust and the best market price.
Transparency is what sets Rafmoh apart from the competition. It's a promise that every transaction, every interaction, is a reflection of ethics and honesty. Every bulion bar, every trade, and every smile shared is a testament to a trust nurtured through years. Rafmoh bullion constantly strive to offer the most competitive prices on the market and continually measure prices against regional competitors, but never compromise on purity, authenticity. safety, security and quality.

Towards glittering future.
Rafmoh Bulion remains poised to shape the future of bullion trading in the UAE and beyond as the precious metals market continues to evolve. As a true industry leader, Rafmoh will continue to be driven by its steadfast values, commitment to excellence, and innovative approach. As well as the expansion plan of each bullion boutique store across the globe.